Our Gang Concessions
Steve, Cathy, Alyssa and Buzz
191 Oak Ave.
Big Lake, MN  55309



Since graduating with Honors from SCSU in 2014, Alyssa has since spent her time working her way up the ranks of Massage Envy. Currently the Assistant Clinic Administrator, she devotes her time to helping people get on a path to Health and Wellness – her true passion. A former Miss MN Teen, she is affectionately known in our business as our "Little Hitler".  She gets things done and is very detail oriented so we can stay ahead of the crowd and provide customers with our BEST service.

In any business, somebody has to be the glue and keep it all together. That's the MOM.  She has no real job description here as she is pretty much in charge of everything, keeping things in order, stocked, ready and clean. Every business needs one of these kind of "executives".  She keeps things moving along so we can better serve our customers as quickly as we can and still do it with a smile on our faces.  You may spot her in the Boss #1 lawn chair when it slows down a bit.

Remember the Wizard of OZ?  The part where Dorothy was told to not look behind the curtain?  She found out that is where all the magic actually happened?  Well, in our business, that's the DAD.  He is in charge of all our logistical stuff, booking events, setup, hotels, travel.  Just making sure we have somewhere to be, when to be there and what to do.  So, by the time the event starts, you may see him in his Boss #2 lawn chair "pretending" to be in charge.

Buzz recently graduated with honors from Hamline University majoring in Sports Management. He played defense for the Hamline Hockey Pipers/2016 MIAC Champions. While helping run our family concession business, he's gathering valuable skills for his future business career.  You will usually see him out front and center moving the product and providing GREAT service.

​Mom Cathy

Dad Steve

Meet the "GANG"

Daughter Alyssa

Son Buzz